Scale Technician Kit

Take Rice Lake’s commitment to customer service into the field. Rice Lake’s scale technician kit has everything you need, in one convenient backpack, to troubleshoot and repair wherever you are.

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Technician Tool Kit

  • RLWS backpack (or pelican case)
  • Simulator with vernier
  • Digital volt meter
  • Basic PC repair kit:
    • Wire strippers
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Side cutters
    • Small adjustable wrench
    • EPROM puller and chip setter
    • Tweezers
    • Soldering iron
  • 50 ft extension cord to test for grounding issues

Communication Kit

  • Cinch sak
  • 6-n-1 screwdriver
  • Small RLWS screwdriver
  • Test LEDs
  • USB to serial converter
  • DE9M to DB9F straight cable
  • DB9F to blunt end cable
  • DB25M to blunt end cable
  • Female to female DB9 gender changers
  • Female to male DB9 gender changers
  • Null modem adaptor
  • TCP/IP patch cable
  • TCP/IP crossover cable