430 Bridgesensor:

  • 4-20mA, 0-20mA or ±12mA output
  • Potentiometer-adjustable excitation, zero offset and span gain
  • 115 VAC: ±10% 50/60 Hz at 6.5VA
  • 230 VAC: ±20% 50/60 Hz at 6.5VA
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Single-point component design
  • Epoxy-encapsulated, sealed enclosure
  • Remote sensing for line voltage drop compensation

437 Bridgesensor:

  • Complete strain gauge bridge signal conditioner
  • 4-20mA or 0-20mA output
  • Output capable of driving 1000-ohm loop
  • Bridge balance with 68% tare offset capability
  • High gain amplifier; can accept live load signals as low as 3 mV and provide 16 mA output span
  • Sufficient excitation current for five load cells
  • Powered by 10 to 36VDC unregulated
  • Rugged epoxy encapsulated design

463 Bridgesensor:

  • Complete strain gauge bridge signal conditioner
  • Isolated 10 volt output
  • Bridge balance with 80% tare offset capability
  • Excitation supply capable of driving four load cells
  • AC powered
  • Rugged epoxy encapsulated design

API 4058G Bridgesensor:

  • User-selectable input/output ranges and excitation voltages
  • Convenient setup via rotary and slide switches
  • Excitation voltage at 115mA (10V) drives four 350-ohm load cells
  • LED input/output signal indicators
  • Selectable voltage or current outputs
  • Functional test push button

441/442 Bridgesensor:

  • Input/output ranges and excitation voltages are selectable by easy-access rotary switches
  • Non-interactive zero and span control
  • Offset switch allows cancelling or “taring” of non-zero deadweights
  • Excitation voltage of 115 mA (10V) drives up to four 350 ohm bridges
  • Input/output LoopTracker™ LEDs show input/output status
  • Functional test push button with fixed level output to facilitate setup and troubleshooting
  • Full isolation (input/output power) eliminates the effects of ground loops and noise
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Output Current Span:
4 to 20 mA; 0 to 20 mA

Input for 16 mA Span:
3 mV to 62 mV

Zero Adjust:
12 mA

Cell sensitivity (10 volts excitation):
0.3 mV/V to 6.2 mV/V

Current: 0 to 20 mA

Bridge Excitation Supply:
Adjustment range: 5 to 15 Volts

Power Requirements:
Input Voltage: 10 to 36 Volts DC
Input current with 150 mA B+ load: 0.17 A at 36 V to 0.7 A at 10 V
Input current with one 350 Ω bridge: 0.1 A at 36 V to 0.35 A at 10 V

Operating Temperature Range:
-13°F to 131°F (-25°C to 55°C)

Epoxy potted plastic enclosure with exposed screw terminal connections

2 lb (0.9 kg)

One-year limited warranty