UVC1000/UVC1010 Vacuum Generator/Pressure Controller

  • Two modes of operation: vacuum or pressure
  • 29 inHg vacuum from shop air supply
  • Lightweight design
  • Built-in vacuum converter and pressure regulator
  • Available as standard (UVC1000) or 19-inch wide, rack-mount version (UVC1010)
  • Two test (output) fittings
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Pressure Media:
Filtered shop air

Pressure Input:
100-160 psi*, 4.2 SCFM, AN-4 37° flared tube setting

Pressure Limit Monitor Gauge:
Size: Two-inch diameter
Range: 0-160 psi

Vacuum Monitor Gauge:
Vacuum Monitor Gauge:
Size: Two-inch diameter

Aluminum/brass 0-100 psi output pressure

UVC1000 Case:
16 gauge painted steel

Pressure/Vacuum Selector:

Brass, two quick-disconnect male coupling to 1/4 inch female NPT
Internal Tubing: 250 psi rated tubing

UVC1000: 6.6 lb (2.9 kg)
UVC1010: Approximately 7 lb (3 kg)

* At input pressures less than 100 psi, vacuum level may be less than 29 inches Hg