Orion 2C/Orion 3A Precision Pneumatic Controllers

  • System working pressure:
    • Orion 2C, non-cased/cased versions: Up to 3,000 psi
    • Orion 3A, non-cased version: Up to 10,000 psi
    • Orion 3A, cased version: Up to 10,000 psi based on model
  • Orion 2C: Aluminum body, Buna-N o-rings standard
  • Orion 3A: Stainless steel body, Viton o-rings standard
  • Precision patented vernier to precisely “dial in” a selected pressure
  • Fingertip closed system pressure adjustment to better than 0.0005 psi
  • Soft seat construction and adjustable stop; immune to over tightening
  • Two low-torque, fine micro-metering valves with positive shut off
  • Two test ports allow for multiple applications:
    • Non-cased models (see below for optional seal plug)
    • Cased models, number of test ports based on version
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Ideal for use in testing environments, the Orion 2C and Orion 3A pneumatic pressure controllers provide unrivaled performance in a variety of industrial applications.

Both the 2C and 3A utilize an exclusive precision vernier for exact “dial in” of pressure settings. These easy-to-use manifolds feature soft seat construction and an adjustable stop that resists over tightening. Fingertip adjustment provides ultra-fine measurement that eliminates overshoot. Two test ports on panel mountable units allow for multiple applications.

The Orion 2C offers up to 3000 psi and vacuum, while the all stainless steel Orion 3A controls up to 10,000 psi and vacuum. Cased models have a test port located on front as well as an input and vent port on back of unit. Some versions also have an additional test port on back of unit. Regardless of the environment, choose the industry-leading Orion for high-quality, high-pressure control.

Using an adaptor assembly, to combine one of the cased models with a DUT, Hand-Held or Digital Gauge, will provide a means of attaining accurate readings and ultra-fine “dial in” of target value.


  • Gas applications
  • Operation to 10,000 psi, based on model
  • Test stands
  • OEM pressure control applications

Condec Orion 2C Specifications


Pressure Range:
0-3000 psi and vacuum

Proof Pressure:
4000 psi

Pressure and Vent Valve Orifice:

Cv Factor:

Mechanical Rotation:
3.5 turns, nominal

Finger tip adjust

Vernier Volume:
0.5 cubic inch, nominal

Vernier Mechanical Rotation:
16 turns, nominal

Adjustable Sensitivity:
0.0005 psi, minimum

Vernier Torque:
Finger tip adjust to 3000 psi

Body: Aluminum, clear anodize
Knobs: Aluminum, black anodize
O-rings: Buna-N standard, others available
Orion 2C (uncased version, 55283):
Test port #1, input port and output port -fitting (59716) for 1/8: OD tube
Test port #2, 7/16-20 UNF female (MS33649-04) straight thread.
Optional: use one each 68862 & 61035 to plug
Orion 2C (cased version, 89216):
Input port, two test ports and vent port – male 7/16-20
AN-4, stainless steel
All other parts 300 series stainless steel

Case Material:
16 gauge painted steel