UPS3000/3110/3210 Digital Pressure Indicator

  • Portable table top, optional panel mount kit available
  • Available in 10 sets of ranges: 30,000/15,000/6,000 psi, 20,000/10,000/4,000 psi, 10,000/5,000/2,000 psi, 5,000/2,500/1,000 psi, 2,000/1,000/400 psi, 50/25/10 psi, 1,000/500/200 psi, 500/250/100 psi, 100/50/20 psi, 15/7.5/3 psi
  • Three independent selectable ranges in each instrument
  • ±0.05% F.S. accuracy of each independent selectable range
  • 16 gauge painted mild steel case
  • No potentiometers or analog adjustments for calibration
  • Push button zero
  • 0.02% F.S. display resolution typical for each range
  • Absolute and/or gauge switch selectable calibration modes
  • Multi-conversion unit with 10 conversions standard: inH2O, mmHg, inHg, kPa, BAR, mBAR, cmH2O, Kg/cm2 and % F.S.
  • Different technicians can operate the system and get identical results
  • Gases or fluids compatible with 17-4PH may be used
  • Calibration certificate included; traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


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Rugged construction and smart features qualify the UPS3000 Series digital pressure indicators as the quickest, most cost-effective calibration solution available.

Designed for use in the manufacture, test or calibration of pressure sensitive devices, the UPS3000 Series incorporates an exclusive bonded foil strain gauge sensor and microprocessor-based electronic circuitry for long-term stability. In addition, each model offers three independent anges for accuracy within 0.05%.

Housed in a durable, steel enclosure, the UPS3000 series remains compact and lightweight for a balance of long lasting, portable use. The self-contained rechargeable battery option guarantees over six hours of convenient operation wherever your work takes you. Different technicians can calibrate the same transmitter and get identical results—every time.

From pressure switches to burst discs, relief valves to transmitters, the UPS3000 Series promises years of dependable performance at an affordable price.


Condec UPS3000 Specifications

Available Calibration Modes:
Gauge, absolute, or gauge and absolute switch-selectable

Overall Accuracy: ±0.05% F.S. maximum each range. Accuracy statement includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and ambient temperature.

Temperature Range:
Operating: 40°F to 140°F (4°C to 60°C)
Storage: 0°F to 185°F (-17°C to 85°C)
Relative humidity: 95%, non-condensing

Pressure Media:
Any media compatible with 17-4PH stainless steel

Pressure Sensor Type:
Bonded, metal foil strain gauge or equal

Pressure Connection:
Pressure fitting; 7/16-20UNF-2A: 37° flare; AN-4 20,000 psi unit and 30,000 psi unit; Autoclave AE F250-C

Overpressure Capability:
750% on low range
300% on mid range
150% on high range

Numerical Pressure Display:
Digital type: High intensity, red LED, 0.43 in. high
Active digits: Five full decades
Polarity indication: “—” sign

Pressure to Digital Conversion:
Conversion rate: Data updated at the rate of 12 times per second, nominal
Display resolution: Nominally 0.02% of F.S. for each pressure range

Input Voltage:
115 or 230 VAC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz voltage selected via transformer taps

Power Consumption:
8 watts, typical

Line Filter:
Line to line and line to neutral

Mounting Styles:
Table top with rubber feet or panel mounted with adapter kit

Single piece outer case with slide out drawer

Case Material:
16 gauge, mild steel with textured finish, baked epoxy enamel paint

10 units can be stepped through at the touch of a button. psi, kPa, mmHg, BAR, mBAR, inHG, cmH2O, Kg/cm2, inH2O, and % F.S. are included. Replaces analog pressure display

UPS3000: approximately 13 lb (5.8 kg)

Peak Hold:
Last highest pressure reading stored in memory and recalled at the touch of a button. Calibrates burst discs and relief valves

Freeze Mode:
External switch contact, change of state, freezes display reading for three seconds. Calibrates pressure switches

Self-contained rechargeable battery provides a minimum of six hours of completely portable usage. May be operated or recharged by connecting the power cord to 115 VAC. Handle, power switch, and low battery indicator included with this option. Analog display not included with this option. Also not available in rack-mount models

Analog: 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, 0-5 VDC
Digital: Parallel BCD, 20 mA loop, RS-232
simplex output

Highest and lowest pressure readings stored in memory and recalled at the touch of a button