SendIt™ Wireless Load Cell Interface

  • Works with any basic digital weight indicator
  • Excitation to load cell(s) provided by the transmitter, not the indicator
  • Each transmitter/receiver set is individually paired and will not interfere with another set
  • Auto-off mode: Selectable for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes or off
  • Auto-sleep mode: Power down during non-use, power up with weight change or key press
  • RS-232 cable included with transmitter and paired set
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Wireless Communication Made Easy

In any application, from heavy capacity and industrial scales to overhead weighing, data communication is essential. SENDit reads the signal from a load cell and sends that data wirelessly to a receiving indicator, eliminating the need for traditional wire runs. SENDit not only solves issues caused by traditional long distance wire runs, it also provides a simpler user experience with the added benefits of efficient wireless communication.

Fully compatible with a broad range of receiving indicators, including remote displays, SENDit is easy to use with straightforward functionality. SENDit provides wireless weighing system solutions with a single-channel design and easy installation. Battery powered models boast a NEMA 4/IP66 rating, providing rugged durability. SENDit also helps increase system productivity for the entire scale operation by reducing collateral damage from lightning strikes.

SENDit streamlines the way devices communicate wirelessly between one another. Simplify current communication processes by eliminating traditional wire runs and the expense of conduit by replacing it with SENDit.