Insert-A-Cell Continuous Level Detection

The PLR-100 Insert-A-Cell Continuous Level Detection System is designed to monitor the product level in storage bins, silos and tanks.  This unique system measures the strain on the support structure as the weight changes inside.  This is done by utilizing small cylindrical strain sensors that are press-fit into the support structure. These sensors, when properly installed in the vessel support structure, accurately measures the force or weight acting on the support beams or columns.  When the strain sensors are wired to the PLR-100 indicator and the system is calibrated, it will display the level on the front panel and provide an output for remote monitoring.  The PLR-100 Insert-A-Cell system works on most bulk solids application where the material has a consistent bulk density and the weight is in excess of 50 tons.  The fact that it is unaffected by rat-holes, bridging and dust will eliminate many of the headaches commonly associated with intrusive type continuous level controls.

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