Datalogic Quickscan QD2131

  • Light weight and balanced design
  • Extra-wide scan angle and extra-long scan line
  • Extended reading range and depth of field (DOF)
  • Sharp and highly visible scan line
  • Decent depth of field reading for general purpose scanning applications
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback
  • IP42 rating for Particulate and Water Sealing
  • 1.5 m / 5.0 ft drop specification
  • 5-Year standard factory warranty
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI
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176306 Scanner,QuickScan QD2131 KBW, USB Capable, Wand Emulation, RS-232, w/6 Foot RS-232 Cable & Stand Black
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176307 Scanner,QuickScan QD2131 KBW, USB, Wand Emulation, RS-232, with USB cable Black
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114796 Scanner,QD2131 RS232 8-Pin DIN cable for DIGI Counting Scales
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121495 Scanner,QD2131 Kit for CP Counterpart Scanner & 9Pin RS232 cable w/quick connect


109599 Power Supply,QD2100 5V, 12Watt, Desktop 90ACC1882 and 90ACC1886 or 1 Piece 90ACC1893 PD9530
112447 Cable,RS232 QD2100 CAB-408 Coiled 9-Pin Female 6 Feet Long
85022 Adapter,Keyboard PS/2 AT 5-Pin DIN Male to Mini 6-Pin DIN Female with 6in tail
114797 Cable,QD2100 RS232 8-PIN DIN Cable For DIGI Counting Scales
125744 Cable,RS232 9-Pin Powered Cable for Scanner with RS232 to Blunt End with Plug in Connector


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