CB-2 Concrete Batch Controller

  • Onboard industrial PC interface
  • 920i® digital weight indicator/controller
  • One aggregate and one cement scale, optional weighed water scale
  • Standard manual override controls
  • Automatic aeration control for cement silos and weigh hoppers
  • Automatic dust collection outputs
  • Multiple free fall values per material
  • Precision control of inching gates for aggregate and cement discharge
  • Auto-jogging gross, ideal targets and net mode batching
  • Material usage by day/week/month/year and on-site inventory reporting
  • Multiple browser-based windows and simultaneous processes to prepare the next batch while CB-3 is batching
  • Automatic daily ticket and system backups
  • 4 dual or 8 single speed aggregates
  • 4 dual or 8 single speed cements
  • Optional dual moisture probe interface (supports 4-20mA)
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8 single speed aggregates or 4 dual-speed
8 single or 4 dual-speed cements
Hot and cold metered or weighed water delivered in two additions
6 metered admixtures configurable as bottle or direct feed

1 Megabyte Data Storage:
2,200 mix designs, 750 customers, 125 trucks, 99 materials, 400 orders

State Modes: