920i® FlexWeigh Systems Bulkweighers

  • Wall-mount stainless steel enclosure
  • Application program 107,108,109
  • Front panel switches E-Stop, Start/Resume, End Cycle, Ship/Recv (only 109)
  • Softkeys for presets, ID1 and ID2
  • Accumulating weight streaming
  • Fill and discharge sequence controls
  • Fill and discharge gate monitoring
  • Printer online checking
  • Weigh and surge hopper overfill monitoring
  • Transmitted audit trail
  • Digital I/O board
  • Relay rack and SSR relay outputs
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107 Shipping Bulkweigher

  • The 920i FlexWeigh 107 is designed for basic shipping mode in bulkweighing applications. In shipping mode, a scale is loaded and discharged repetitively until the accumulated weight meets the overall target value.

108 Receiving Bulkweigher

  • The 920i FlexWeigh 108 is designed for basic receiving mode in bulkweighing applications. In receiving mode, a scale is loaded and discharged until there is no more product to receive. To end the cycle, the End Cycle button is pressed.

109 Ship/Receive Bulkweigher

  • The 920i FlexWeigh 109 allows the user to select which mode of operation to use. This is done with a three position locking key switch.