480/482 Legend™ Series Indicador Digital de Peso

  • Pantalla de 0.8 plg., 6 dígitos, 7 segmentos
    • LED, 480 y 480 Plus
    • LCD, 482 y 482 Plus
  • Respaldo de fecha y hora por batería
  • Operación Local/Remota
  • Teclado numérico (480 Plus y 482 Plus)
  • Teclas para ingresar valores de tara y setpoints
  • Dos puertos seriales independientes, RS-232 y 20 mA
  • Gabinete lavable de acero inoxidable NEMA Tipo 4X/IP66
  • Protección con password para usuario y cambios de configuración
  • Velocidades de conversión y actualización de pantalla, seleccionables
  • Sellado de hardware o auditoría de rastreo de metrología
  • Formatos programables de recibos para pesos bruto, neto, acumulador y setpoints
  • Cinco formatos para transmisión continua
  • Adaptador de filtro o filtro promedio escalonado
  • Configurable con software Revolution
  • Funciones del operador a través de un menú para auditoría de rastreo, tara prefijada, ID de la unidad, acumulador, fecha y hora, setpoints, comunicaciones, y formatos de impresión
  • Ocho setpoints para loteo secuencial
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Built to Weigh—Legendary Value

Advance to Rice Lake’s Legend Series—classic Rice Lake quality and design with innovative features for tomorrow. As the flagship of Rice Lake’s Legend Series, the 480 and 482 digital weight indicators have been designed to provide the very best in performance and value.

With stainless steel enclosures and advanced gasket systems, the industrial-strength Legend Series is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside or out. Advanced circuitry also withstands electrical noise, power disturbances and transient spikes that are common to industrial applications.

Rice Lake’s Legend Series is the industry’s first choice for readability. With a choice between large, ultra-bright LED or LCD displays, 0.8 inch digits and sharp contrast, these indicators provide superior display visibility. The 480’s six-button tactile keypad allows for quick navigation and programming. Advance to the Plus Series for a full numeric keypad.

Connect to a printer, PC or remote display and make use of configurable print formats, time and date function, and local/remote capability. A standard lithium ion rechargeable battery allows operation from remote locations, such as a portable work station.


482/482 Plus Legend™ Series Specifications


Line voltages: 115 – 230 VAC
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Estimated battery life: 40 hours (350 ohm load)

Excitation Voltage:
5 VDC, 8 x 350Ω load cells

Analog Signal Input Range:
±7 mV/V
Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.1uV/graduation minimum,
0.5uV/graduation recommended

Internal: 523,000 counts
Disply: 100,000 graduations

Measurement Rate:
Selectable 5, 10, 20, 40 Hz

System Linearity:
Within 0.01% of full scale

Digital Inputs: 
Two inputs (requires relay output option). Primary keys, pseudo functions,
batching functions

Circuit Protection:
Immunity 10 V/m ESD ± 10 KV air ± 6 KV contact

RFI Protection:
Capacitor bypass and ESD suppressors

Serial Output:
Com 1: RS-232 full duplex
Com 2: RS-232 full duplex or 20 mA simplex
Both ports 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud 7 or 8 data bits, even, odd or no parity

LCD backlit display, 0.8 in (20 mm), 6-digit, 7-segment

Status Annunciators:
Gross, net, center of zero, standstill, lb, kg, tare, preset tare

Flat membrane panel, embossed keys, tactile feel

Analog Output Option:
16-bit resolution, voltage output 0-10 VDC, current output 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA

Relay Board Option: 
Two Opto-isolated, 5 to 24 VDC, active high inputs
Four 30 VDC, 2 amp dry-contract relays,

Operating Temperature:
Legal: 14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C)
Industrial: 14° F to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C)

6.4 lb (2.9 kg)

Enclosure: NEMA Type 4X/IP66, heavy-gauge stainless steel

Two-year limited warranty

Measurement Canada AM-5892, Accuracy Class III/IIIHD, 10 000d
NTEP CC 12-123, Accuracy Class III/IIIL, 10 000d
OIML R76/2006-NL1-12.48, T5692, TC8322Accuracy Class III, 10 000d
CE Marked
UL Marked, pending