WinWedge® TAL Software Wedge for RS-232 or Ethernet

  • Input scale or instrument data directly into Excel®, Access®, statistical software, LIMS, MMIs, any Windows® application
  • Transfers RS-232 data quickly, accurately and formatted to your exact specifications
  • Powerful DDE options for collecting data from multiple devices simultaneously
  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • 32 Pro, TCP/Wedge additional features:
  • Support for even the most complex devices and serial I/O with advanced data parsing, filtering, formatting and translation
  • Support for TCP/IP as well as RS-232 data collection and I/O
  • More advanced device control options
  • Additional features such as math functions and virtual instrument mode
  • Five RS-232 and TCP/IP communications software products provided free of charge
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WinWedge® is software that acts as a software wedge for an RS-232 or Ethernet device for meters, balances, scales or any RS-232 instrument into Excel, Access or any Windows application or web page. WinWedge is TALtech’s award-winning com port data acquisition software.

System Requirements:
Any version of Windows®
Any Windows PC
4MB of RAM
2MB of hard disk space

Communications:WinWedge can collect data on any serial port (RS-232 or RS-485) and even on
multiple ports simultaneously. Also supports full device control.

Software Support:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers field software support for our software  packages. Contact our Service Department for software support. Software support is a chargeable service.

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Can I load the same files through the USB port as I would the RS-232?

Yes, you can. But now when you load files like .920 for configuration, .cod for iRite, and .db for databases, you won’t necessarily need a laptop like you would with RS-232. These same files can be loaded directly from a flash drive.

How far does RS-232 travel?

Because of sensitivity to noise, RS232 is not recommended for applications requiring more than 50 feet of travel.


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