VIRTUi2® PC-based HMI for iQUBE²

  • Web browser-based iQUBE2® cell status
  • Up to four scale systems and one total scale
  • Virtual front panel consists of display and five button keypad
  • Up to four digital I/O (provided by iQUBE2)
  • Primary/secondary units configuration (lb, kg, short tons, metric tons, none)
  • RS-232 communications at up to 460 Kbps
  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP) port over RS-232 and TCP/IP
  • Printer port for output-only, simplex communications
  • Two print formats
  • Provides for iQUBE2 configuration
  • Supports iQUBE2 diagnostics with configurable error reporting
  • Peak weight history
  • Recalibration notification
  • Provides local and remote reporting of diagnostics and error conditions
  • Concentrated load capacity (CLC)
  • Section capacity
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The PC-Based HMI for iQUBE2©

VIRTUi2 is the second generation of virtual indicators, providing the functionality of a basic weight indicator and placing it right on your computer screen. This PC-based solution is NTEP Certified and enables users to monitor cell diagnostics, set next calibration alerts, send email alerts, configure gross/net print formats as well as remotely view load cell status via a web browser when used with iQUBE2.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows® XP™ or greater
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
.NET Framework 1.1
128 MB Ram
30 MB free hard drive space
Serial port for connection to iQUBE
Additional serial ports are required for connections to printers/remote displays

Status Annunciators:
Units (lb, kg, short tons (tn), metric tons (t), NONE) Gross/Net, Motion, Center of Zero

NTEP CC 04-058 Classes III and IIIL at 10,000d