Tension Load Cell MP 76-min

Tension Load Cell MP 76

he load cells of the MP 76 series are specially designed for the weighing of small and medium sized process vessels and for simple dosing solutions. Due to the hanging installation of the vessel, mechanical and thermal expansions or contraction of the vessel and its supporting can be compensated.

A particular design feature is the compact design with highest accuracy class through C3. The MP 76  series stands out besides the high accuracy and repeatability especially its unmatched reliability, robustness and stability, which allows for years of trouble-free operation without adjustment.

The associated mounting kits ensure an optimal power transmission into the sensor, thus minimizing the impact on the accuracy with very high repeatability and perfect linearity.

Through a special strain gauge technology results in a particularly high resolution and linearity. The hermetically sealed enclosure with the special TPE cable allows the use even under extreme operating conditions in harsh production environments. Die to the matched output technology it is possible to replace a damaged load cell without a new calibration of the system. This saves a lot of time during commissioning. Optionally this load cell is available as Ex-Version for the use in intrinsically safe circuits.

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Highly durable tension load cell of 60 kg to 5 t. specifically designed for hopper weighing and simple dosing solutions.

  • For suspended process scales
  • Load cell capacity range from 60 kg to 5 t
  • Accuracy class: 0.03 % – 0.025 %
  • Corresponding mounting kit: MP 96