Star® DP8340 Dot Matrix Printer

  • Separate 115/230 VAC power supply with 12 VDC output
  • Two-color printing using 2-color ribbon
  • Drawer kickout driver
  • One line validation
  • Wide paper
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The Star DP8340 dot-matrix printer provides users the option to print in wide format. A receipt up to 4.4 inches wide can be generated with this versatile dot-matrix printer.

Number Of Print Columns:
40 columns, 12 cpi

Print Speed:
Approximately 2 lines/sec

Print Direction:

Line Spacing:
1/6 in

Paper Feed Method:
Friction Feed or Sprocket-feed

Paper Feed Speed:
Approximately 12 lines/sec

Character Set:
ASCII: 96 characters; International and symbol: 64 characters;
Block graphics: 64 characters

Font Configuration:
Ordinary characters: 5 x 9 dots; Block graphics: 6 x 6 dots

Character Size: 
(H x W): 0.09 in x 0.06 in
(2.42 mm x 1.71 mm)

Dot Spacing:
(H x W): 0.01 in x 0.01 in
(0.35 mm x 0.35 mm)

Print Area:
3.31 in (84.3 mm)

Print Buffer:
Approximately 1.5 KB

Serial Interface:
RS-232, 150 to 9,600 band

Power Supply Unit:
115/230 VAC, 12 VDC output

Paper Type:
Ordinary and carbonless copy paper

Paper Width:
4.5 in (114.3 mm)

Roll Diameter:
80 mm outer diameter (Max)

Paper Thickness:
Maximum 0.09 mm

Copy Capabilities:
One copy plus one original: 0.005 in (max 0.13 mm)

Paper End:
Paper should not be attached to the core

Ribbon Color: 
Black and red

Ribbon Material:
Nylon (#40 denier)

Ribbon Size:
0.5 in x 20 ft (13 mm x 6 m)

Width: 0.5 in (13 mm); Diameter (two spool): 1.3 in (35 mm)

Operating Temperature:
41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C)

Operating Humidity: 
10% to 80% RH

Storage Temperature:
-4° F to 158° F ( to 20° C to 70° C)

Storage Humidity: 
5% to 95% RH, 104° F (+40° C)

Head Life:
70 million characters

Printer Reliability:
5.0 million lines MCBF (except head life)

UL listed, CSA approved

Three-year limited warranty on parts; one-year limited warranty on print head

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70680 Printer,Tape DP8340 Star Dot Matrix, RS232, Sprocket w/ Power Supply
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70681 Printer,Tape DP8340 Star Dot Matrix, RS232, Sprocket Printer Only
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70906 Printer,Tape DP8340 Star Dot Matrix, RS232, Friction Feed w/Power Supply
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70907 Printer,Tape DP8340FM Dot Matrix, RS232, Friction Feed w/o Power Supply
Consult Custom 20mA/RS-232 serial interface cable
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20447 Ribbon Spool,1/2 in Wide x 32 ft Long 1-1/4 DIA Spools Purple 160/260/543 Tape DP8340
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20448 Paper Roll,4.5in Wide 7/16 in Core, 3 in OD, 165ft Long, 1 Ply White Bond Star DP8340 Hecon
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42672 Paper Roll,4-1/2 x 95 ft 2 Ply Friction Feed 3 in OD Star DP8340
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70682 Printer OPT,Power Supply DP8340 US Desk Model 100-240V 47-63Hz Input 12VDC 2A 3 Prong Output Adapter
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70683 Paper Roll,Sprocket Star 1ply 4.5″ Wide x 3″ Dia. 140 ft Roll
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71214 Paper Roll,3.25 In Wide 1 Ply, Plain Paper 3 In OD Star DP8340 & SP300 Series, 50/Case
72697 Cable,RJ45 to RJ45, 7ft Serial TXD White/Green, Pin-3 RXD Blue, Pin-4 Sig GND White/Brown Pin-7
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75594 Cable,RJ45 to DB9 Female
15547 Cable,Universal Serial Interface (Both RS232/20mA) 25 Pin D-Sub Male To Blunt End 25-pin side-3-Red, 7-Black, 4 & 5 jumpered, 9-Green, 10-White
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15548 Cable,25 Pin 20mA SP 25 Pin D-Sub Male To 25 Pin D-Sub Male
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15568 Cable,25 Pin RS232 IDS SP 25 Pin D-Sub Male To 25 Pin D-Sub Male


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