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N-64 Single Idler Belt Scale

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The Bulk Pro Systems Model N-64 2-Idler and 4-Idler Precision Belt Scale Systems are designed for all high speed, high capacity belts which require high accuracy.   They can help you monitor production, confirm incoming product, load-out outgoing product and monitor product inventory.  The Model N-64-2 (2-idler) Belt Scale will maintain an accuracy of plus or minus 0.25% and the Model N-64-4 (4-idler) Belt Scale will maintain an accuracy of plus or minus 0.125%.   The N-64 weighbridge utilizes four (4) precision load cells and a full floating design.  It has no pivots or easily worn parts and a robust steel tube construction that allows for minimal material build-up.  Special super heavy duty carriages can be used on applications where the capacities exceed 10,000 TPH.  This belt scale system provides crucial information for the successful management and efficient operation of your plant.