Condec CYLinder REGulator

  • Same Condec “REG” series regulator as used in our portable pressure calibrators and Source 3000
  • Low torque required by operator for pressure adjustment
  • Single stage, venting type with spring controlled piston
  • Integral inlet filter used to promote long life when used in clean systems
  • CGA-580 fitting for direct connection to the in-house cylinder
  • 1/4 inch, 37 degree male output port connection
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Condec’s Cylinder Regulator (CYLREG) assembly allows the operator to ensure a properly regulated pressure output from an existing in-house nitrogen supply cylinder that has a maximum charge of 3,000 psig. CYLREG has a maximum input pressure rating of 3,000 psig and a maximum operator controlled regulated output pressure based on selected model.

In the US, valve connections are sometimes referred to as “CGA connections,” since the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publishes guidelines on what connections to use for what products (e.g., in the U.S., an argon, helium, krypton, neon, tetra fluoro methane, xenon or nitrogen cylinder will have a CGA-580 connection on the cylinder). These CYLREG assemblies have been designed for use with nitrogen and the factory needs to be consulted prior to use with other gases. Note: if the nut on a CGA connection has a notch in it, it uses a left-handed thread.

CYLREG assembly has a Condec REG series pressure regulator with upstream (inlet) and downstream (outlet) pressure gauges. Once attached to the cylinder using supplied CGA-580 connection, unit allows operator to monitor cylinder supply pressure and regulate the flow of gas, based on pressure shown on the downstream gauge. Unit also has a male 7/16-20 37° AN-4 output port for attachment to downstream device. As an example, the output port connection may be attached to a Condec UPC5000 or UPC5100 portable pressure calibrator via standard fill-port hose for use in refilling their internal cylinder.

When a CYLREG assembly is mated with our patented Condec model Orion 2C Cased valve assembly, it allows the operator to have regulated cylinder pressure with finger-tip downstream adjustment utilizing the input and output needle valves and vernier.


  • Gas applications
  • In-House nitrogen cylinder regulation



Condec CYLinderREGulator Specifications


Maximum Primary (inlet) Pressure:
3000 psig (206.9 Bar)

Pressure Media:
Clean dry gaseous nitrogen or equal

Operating Temperature:
0˚F to 140˚F (-18˚ to 60˚C)

Pressure Regulator:
3000 psig, single stage, self venting, non-bleed

Pressure Gauges:
(2) two-inch diameter, 0-4000 psig

Pressure Fittings:
Input: CGA-580 Brass, mates with customer’s nitrogen cylinder Output 7/16-20, 37 degree Flare Male JIC, Steel, Trivalent Chromium Zinc finish