920i® Livestock Weigh Center

  • Weigh center includes ticket printer for legal ticket printing
  • USB port to transfer weight data to a flash drive
  • Inclinometer board eliminates need to recalibrate after relocation

Multi-Animal Weighing

  • Multiple animal Group Weighing software
  • Reports batch, animal lot, total weight, and average head count and shrink

Single Animal Weighing

  • Single animal Rate of Gain software
  • Daily rate of gain and average gain with two to three captured weights for up to 500 animals
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The 920i weigh center features a built-in 920i indicator and ticket printer in a weatherproof enclosure. The 920i features a large backlit LCD graphical display with easy navigation and a straightforward user interface. The weigh center includes a weatherproof USB port to transfer results to a flash drive and upload to a PC database or spreadsheet. The 920i indicator can be equipped with Group Weighing or single animal Rate of Gain software. If used with mobile or portable scales, the 920i weigh center eliminates the need to recalibrate the scale after relocation.

Recursos / Descargas

920i® Livestock Indicator, Multiple Animal  Email
920i® Livestock Indicator, Single Animal  Email
Livestock Instrumentation Compatibility Matrix  View
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Livestock Scale Instrumentation  View
920i AG Operator Card  View  Email
920i Rate of Gain Program Operation Manual A  View  Email
920i Weighcenter Addendum – Upload to Excel using a Flash Drive Instructions A  View  Email
920i Weighcenter Operation Manual E  View  Email
920i® Weighcenter Contrast Control Potentiometer Installation A  View  Email
Operator Card – 920AG Livestock Weigh Center Quick Start  View  Email
Operator Card – 920i® Livestock Rate of Gain Quick Start  View  Email


131436 Weigh Center,920i with Printer and Cabling MASM AG Scale
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173139 Weigh Center, 920i with Rate of Gain, Printer, and Cabling SAS-M AG Scale
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156758 Adaptor,Box,AC/DC Portable Livestock Scales
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71630 Ticket,Print 4-1/4×7 in 2 Part Carbonless, White Cover & Yellow Copy Attached at Top Rice Lake Scale Ticket 500/PKG


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