320IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator

  • Factory Mutual (FM) entity approved for Classes I, II, and III, Divisions I and 2, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G
  • Bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) display
  • Stainless steel NEMA Type 4X/IP66 enclosure
  • T4 temperature rating
  • Front-panel digital calibration
  • Automatic zero and span temperature compensation
  • Excitation for four 350 ohm or eight 700 ohm load cells
  • Gross/tare/net computation
  • Tilt stand
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Entity approved
  • Power ON/OFF; battery save mode
  • I/O module option: twp duplex serial ports, two analog outputs, four digital inputs, four relay contact outputs
  • 300 character serial string
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The Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator

Designed with the level of safety your location requires, the 320IS digital weight indicator meets hazardous environment requirements without hesitation. With Factory Mutual (FM) entity approval, it is the ideal solution for dangerous and highly explosive environments. Even in dimly-lit areas, the 320IS maintains brilliant visibility for user-friendly operation.

The intrinsically safe, auto-ranging power supply is designed to meet 320IS entity parameters and safely mount in hazardous areas. With this option, wiring is simplified to a single AC conduit line and seal from the safe area—barrier strips are no longer necessary. When required, an entity approved battery power supply is also available.

Expand the flexibility of the 320IS with the optional safe area I/O module, featuring two serial ports, two analog outputs, four digital inputs and four relay contact outputs, allowing communication with printers, computers and other peripherals. Both models are equipped with a duplex fiber optic port for electricallyisolated communication with the I/O module.

Load Cell Excitation:
3.0 VDC at 87.5 Ω
4.6 VDC at 700 Ω

Load Cell Current:
34 mA (4 x 350 Ω load cells) or (8 x 700 Ω load cells)

Load Cell Cabling:
4 and 6-wire with remote sensing (recommended)

Analog Signal Input Range:
0.6 mV/V – 4.0 mV/V

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.2 µV/graduation minimum
1.5 µV/graduation recommended

Conversion Rate: 
60 updates/second

10,000 displayed graduations (NTEP),
100,000 expanded
The maximum number of allowed graduations will vary by application

Display Increments:
1, 2, 5

Six-digits, Light Emitting Diode (LED);
16-segment, 0.8 in (20 mm) digits

Decimal Point:  
Configurable with dead zeros

Unit Switching:
Configurable for two units of measurement with front panel operation with
conversion for tare and setpoint values

Front Panel Control Switches:
Zero, Gross/Net, Tare, Print, Units Conv

Front Panel:
6-button flat membrane panel

Front Panel LED Annunciators:
Center Zero, Gross, Net, Motion, lb, kg, oz, g

Motion Band:
Configurable to ±1 or ±3 graduations, 1 second delay (or Off)

Power Input:
5.8 – 7.9 VDC,100 – 175 mA
Maximum power consumption 0.25 watts

Operating Temperature:
14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C) legal

Stainless steel NEMA Type 4X/IP66 enclosure

Optional Battery:
Operating times: 4 x 350 Ω = 35-40 hrs
1 x 350 Ω =40-50 hrs
8 x 700 Ω = 35-40 hrs
Charging Times: 10 hours for dead battery,
14 hours for initial charge

6.1 lb (2.8 kg)

One-year limited warranty

NTEP CC 03-078 Class III/IIIL 10,000d
(TUV, C (UL), FM Entity)
Measurement Canada AM-5560