DeviceNet® Interface

  • DeviceNet communication adapter
  • DIN-rail mount for installation with 880
  • Compact size for internal installation in 720, 820i and 920i® indicators
  • Polled I/O connection
  • 125 Kbps, 250 Kbps, and 500 Kbps baud rate
  • On-board LED diagnostics
  • Floating-point commands support decimal points
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Power Requirements:
Bus adapter card with DeviceNet Module, DC power
Supply voltage 6 VDC, supplied by 720i, 820i and 920i bus
Typical current draw: 270 mA
Power consumption: 1.62 W
The bus shall be supplied with 24 V DC
±10% on the fieldbus connector

Field Bus Interface:
Pluggable screw connector

Operating Temperature:
14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)

Diagnostic Led:
Network status, module status

Twisted-pair cabling at 125, 250, or 500 Kbps
Update rate is dependent on the configured baud rate and the number of network modes

Galvanic Isolation:
Bus power is separated from other electronics via DC/DC converter. The send and receive signals are isolated via opto couplers

One-year limited warranty