Accesorios para Básculas en Vehículos

Vehicle Scale Accessories

Handwriting a ticket for each weighment is not only time consuming and tedious, but also leaves room for human error. The Rice Lake line of automated ticketing kiosks, printers and accessories eliminates both problems, giving your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.

  • Barrier Gates

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    • Uses 1 in x 4 in soft pine wood
    • Heavy-duty aluminum construction with weather-proof gasketed door
    • Built-in diagnostics
    • Event history with differential counters
    • True directional arming
    • Up to three loop detector inputs
    • Programmable time zone control of basic gate functions like override, raise/lower, enable/disable
    • 1/3 HP, 115 VAC motor
    • Sensitive reversing logic
    • Internal heater
  • HID RFID Tags, Readers, Cards and Keys

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    RFID Access Tags

    • Interior mounting on non-metallized windshield
    • Impact resistant, molded plastic case
    • Slim profile
    • Non-battery for extended service life (AT5402)
    • Dual-frequency (915 and 2450 MHz, AT5406)

    RFID Transportation Tags

    • Harsh environment durability
    • ory sealed case
    • battery for extended service life (AT5412)
    • Dual-frequency (915 and 2450 MHz, AT5414)

    HID RFID Cards, Keys, and Tags

    • Offer sufficient read/write memory to store multiple biometric templates
    • Available in a 2 or 16 application area configuration
    • Offer multiple, securely separated areas to enable numerous applications, including the HID standard access control application
    • Future growth for new read/write applications
    • ISO 15693 and 14443B2 standards for read/write contactless communication
    • Cost-effective way to enhance the security of your access control installation
    • Close range

    HID RFID Readers

    • More powerful and versatile access control
    • User-friendly proximity technology
    • Uses the 13.56 MHz technology platform
    • High-intensity, three-color light bar provides clear, visual feedback, even in direct sunlight
    • Selectable, distinct tone sequences indicate status conditions
    • All RF data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted using a secure algorithm
    • Close range
  • Intercom AI Phone

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    • Expanded master with high power
    • 10 W output for high-noise areas
    • One or two masters can be included
    • Hands-free reply from remote area
    • AP-1M or AP-5M master stations available, desk or wall mount
    • Use 8 ohm horn speaker for maximum output, or wall or ceiling speaker sub stations
    • Subs call master with LED and electronic tone
    • Built-in power supply
    • Special master units available for expanded capacity, up to five stations

    Sub Station

    • Moisture and puncture resistant speaker
    • Three-layer steel baffle protects speaker from tampering
    • Hands-free communication
    • Unit fits standard two-gang electrical box
    • Pigtail wires for connection to Ethernet adapter
    • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Kiosk Safety Swing-Away Arm

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    • Protects all kiosks from truck mirrors, fenders and cabs
    • Swings away freely and returns to center position
    • Universal mount accommodates a wide variety of kiosks
    • Includes mounting pole and base stand
  • Loop Detectors

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    Vehicle Loop Detector

    • Loop diagnostics
    • Loop isolation transformer
    • Aluminum RF shield housing
    • Surge protection
    • Loop frequency counter
    • 10 gold-plated sensitivity controls
    • Eight gold-plated function controls
    • Six gold-plated controls for frequency, reset and frequency counter
    • Two high-intensity LED indicators
    • Two relays—relay 2 is pulse or presence

    EMX Lite Preformed Loops

    • Rugged and flexible TPE tubing
    • Electronic lightning protection of vehicle detectors
    • Comes standard with 50 ft of twisted and jacketed lead-in wire
    • Vehicle detection loop is constructed of stranded wire conductors with thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing
    • Outer shell is flexible nonmetallic 0.26 in tubing
    • Two relays—relay 2 is pulse or presence
  • OnTrak™ Truck Scale Data Management

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    • Supports Windows® XP SP3 (32-bit), Vista SP 2 (x86 or x64), and Windows 7 (x86 or x64) systems
    • SQL Server® Express client/server database
    • Comprehensive report filters
    • User and administrator filters
    • Backup and restore via included SQL Server Management Studio Express
    • Unlimited charge/discount per product
    • Ship or Receive mode for each transaction
    • Exclusive database for: customer, hauler, truck, product, job, price/discount, tax, transaction
    • Ethernet TCP/IP or RS-232 connectivity
    • Supports VIRTUi/VIRTUi2® or Rice Lake weight indicators

    Other Features

    • Interface to non-Rice Lake weight indicators
    • Custom reports
    • Database configuration
    • Field installation & training
    • Factory phone support
  • Photo Eyes

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    • Many varieties available for both truck scale and dynamic weighing applications
    • Arrange photo eyes to keep wheels on scale
    • Rugged outdoor applications
    • Reflective types work up to 2,13 m in clean conditions
    • Quick disconnects for easy replacement
    • Broken beams can signal a wheel off the scale or prevent a weighment in unattended systems
    • Transmitter/receiver types work up to 17 ft in clean conditions
  • Printer Kiosks

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    Direct Thermal Printer Kiosk

    • Epson EU-T482 direct thermal tape printer
    • Slide door access to ticket
    • 8 in paper roll

    Printer Kiosk with Intercom

    • Intercom substation AI Phone

    Printer Kiosk with Ethernet Intercom 

    • Intercom substation AI Phone Ethernet TCP/I

    Thermal-transfer Printer Kiosk

    • Thermal transfer ticket printer kiosk
    • Painted mild steel enclosure
    • Slide door access to ticket
    • Zinc-plated 3/4-inch NPT conduit hubs
    • Additional options available upon request
  • Quiosco de Generación Automática de Recibos

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    • Guia del operador
    • Recibos personalizables que imprimen al fin de la transaccion
    • Control de semáforo
    • Transmite el peso a la pantalla remota (solo cuando activado)
    • 115 VAC
    • Aceptor de moneda (solo moneda USA)
  • TransAct® LE/TransAct®/TransAct® Plus

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    • Generate unlimited tax codes from the list of tax authorities up to five tax authorities can be selected for each tax code (examples: federal + state = 5.5%, federal + state = 5.7%))
    • Detailed tax reports by each tax authority
    • Updated accounting features (TransAct Plus only)
    • Invoice processing is separate from statement processing
    • Two invoice options available (open item, balance forward)
    • Retained the Rev. 3 combined invoices/statement option (balance forward list ticket)
    • Invoice and statement printing options (print summary report, print detailed report)
    • Invoice and statement reprinting options (by range of invoice numbers or date) (reprint invoice, reprint summary report, reprint detailed report)

    TransAct LE/TransAct/TransAct Plus

    • Intuitive menu-driven programs
    • Ticket editing, voiding, reprinting with the Quickscan utility
    • Report to screen, printer or export
    • Password protection
    • Easy-to-use graphic interface
    • Full mouse and keyboard support
    • Interfaces to ticket, tape, dot-matrix and laser printers (TransAct LE only)
    • Unlimited configurable ticket formats (TransAct LE only)
    • Fault-tolerant data recovery to protect from system crashes
    • Barcode, magstripe and RFID interface
    • Full database backup and purge functions
    • Truck overweight warning
    • Predetermined keyboard and automatic tare entry
    • Transaction importing/exporting for long distance transfers in non-networking applications

    TransAct/TransAct Plus

    • Three configurable tares
    • Four configurable categories
    • Configurable product rates
    • Multiple scale operation
    • Multiple transactions per ticket
    • Networkable
    • Job table for contract purchases
    • Full reporting by account, revenue, tonnage, material and transaction (Trans- Act Plus only)
    • Accounts payable and receivable (TransAct Plus only)
    • Prints customer invoices and statements with detailed transaction information (TransAct Plus only)
    • Expandable reporting features (TransAct Plus only)
    • Credit weight limits (TransAct Plus only)
    • Aging report showing current and extended balance 30, 60 and 90 days (TransAct Plus only)

    TransAct 5.5.14 Features

    • 32-bit application
    • Faster, more reliable Access® 2003 database
    • Preemptive multitasking enables greater application performance
    • More organized and flexible weigh form stand-alone reporting tool (using Crystal Reports® 9.0)
    • More report types and more flexible reports
    • Reports can be saved in PDF and plain text formats
    • Reports can be saved as Excel® spreadsheets
    • Reports can be saved as comma or tab delimited separated ASCII formats
    • Group tree – quickly navigate to a specific major sort order section
    • Printer setup button can be used to select a printer other than the default windows printer
    • Check box to allow for page breaks between major groupings
    • Freight
    • Individual or global hauler account freight table
    • Available freight charge field for each job item – overrides the hauler account freight table
    • Implementation of zones and hauler payables
    • Expanded tax structure
    • Generate an unlimited list of tax authorities (examples: federal (5%), state (0.5%), city (0.2%), county (0.1%)
  • Transcore® Tags and Readers

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    SmartPass® E4 Reader

    • Fully self-contained, integrated reader
    • Ideal for parking, access control applications and truck scales
    • 915 MHz RF band operation
    • Compatibility with a wide range of industry-standard formats
    • Weatherproof enclosure
    • Quick, simple installation by trained, authorized personnel
    • Programmable RF power
    • Half-frame and full-frame capability

    AT5414 Transportation Tag Half Frame with Battery

    • Dual-frequency
    • Harsh-environment durability
    • Factory programmed, 60-bit storage
    • Wiegand programming available
    • Powered by lithium battery
    • 10 year average service life
    • Reliable, long-range performance

    AT5412 Transportation Half-Frame Body Tag

    • Harsh-environment durability
    • Factory programmed, 60-bit storage
    • Wiegand programming available
    • Beam powered for unlimited service life
    • Long range

    AT5402 Transportation Window Tag with Battery

    • Stores up to 10 six-bit alphanumeric characters of customer data
    • Half-frame, beam-powered tag
    • Interior mounting on non-metalized windshield
    • Compatible with multiple Amtech®-brand readers and TransCore® Encompass® multiprotocol readers
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