• AbleCable RS-232 to USB Smart Cable

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    • Converts serial data such as barcode reader or scale into keyboard input to software program
    • Works with PC and MAC
    • Requires no driver installation (identifies itself as additional HID keyboard)
    • Cable draws power from USB port (no external power supply needed)
    • Test cable to be connected with adaptor scale cable or connector
    • Bluetooth® version allows Bluetooth connection to devices like iPad®, Playbook®, Android® tablets and smart cell phones
  • Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O

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    • 115 or 230 VAC operation
    • Discrete data transfer
    • Block data transfer
  • Bridgesensors

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    430 Bridgesensor:

    • 4-20mA, 0-20mA or ±12mA output
    • Potentiometer-adjustable excitation, zero offset and span gain
    • 115 VAC: ±10% 50/60 Hz at 6.5VA
    • 230 VAC: ±20% 50/60 Hz at 6.5VA
    • Screw terminal connections
    • Single-point component design
    • Epoxy-encapsulated, sealed enclosure
    • Remote sensing for line voltage drop compensation

    437 Bridgesensor:

    • Complete strain gauge bridge signal conditioner
    • 4-20mA or 0-20mA output
    • Output capable of driving 1000-ohm loop
    • Bridge balance with 68% tare offset capability
    • High gain amplifier; can accept live load signals as low as 3 mV and provide 16 mA output span
    • Sufficient excitation current for five load cells
    • Powered by 10 to 36VDC unregulated
    • Rugged epoxy encapsulated design

    463 Bridgesensor:

    • Complete strain gauge bridge signal conditioner
    • Isolated 10 volt output
    • Bridge balance with 80% tare offset capability
    • Excitation supply capable of driving four load cells
    • AC powered
    • Rugged epoxy encapsulated design

    API 4058G Bridgesensor:

    • User-selectable input/output ranges and excitation voltages
    • Convenient setup via rotary and slide switches
    • Excitation voltage at 115mA (10V) drives four 350-ohm load cells
    • LED input/output signal indicators
    • Selectable voltage or current outputs
    • Functional test push button

    441/442 Bridgesensor:

    • Input/output ranges and excitation voltages are selectable by easy-access rotary switches
    • Non-interactive zero and span control
    • Offset switch allows cancelling or “taring” of non-zero deadweights
    • Excitation voltage of 115 mA (10V) drives up to four 350 ohm bridges
    • Input/output LoopTracker™ LEDs show input/output status
    • Functional test push button with fixed level output to facilitate setup and troubleshooting
    • Full isolation (input/output power) eliminates the effects of ground loops and noise
  • ConnexLink™ Wireless Radio 900 MHZ

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    • Durable industrial-grade enclosure with mounting flanges
    • Transmits around corners and through walls
    • Reliable communications up to 115200 kbps
    • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications
  • ControlNet™ Interface

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    • Option card for 820i and 920i
    • Polled I/O connection
    • Onboard LED diagnostics
    • Floating-point commands support decimal points
  • DeviceNet® Interface

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    • DeviceNet communication adapter
    • DIN-rail mount for installation with 880
    • Compact size for internal installation in 720, 820i and 920i® indicators
    • Polled I/O connection
    • 125 Kbps, 250 Kbps, and 500 Kbps baud rate
    • On-board LED diagnostics
    • Floating-point commands support decimal points
  • Ethernet TCP/IP

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    • Supports any serial devices with seven or eight data requiring Ethernet access
    • Compact size for internal installation in 720i™, 820i® and 920i® indicators
    • Can be used in other applications requiring five-volt power supplied
    • 10/100 megabyte through RJ-45 connector or wireless option
    • HTTP, serial, telnet and SNMP management
  • EtherNet/IP® Protocol Card

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    • Industrial Protocol for AB PLC
    • IP address settings configurable with on-board DIP switched, Web page, or ARP or DHCP
    • Supports Rockwell Automation® EtherNet/IP level
    • CE marked and UL conformance
    • Onboard diagnostic LED control protocols
    • Supports the Modbus/TCP protocol and conforms to Modbus/TCP specification 1.0
  • Go-Between™, Captura y Depósito de Datos

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    • Guarda datos en serie como un archivo de texto en una memoria USB
    • LED a bordo para probar la transmisión de datos
    • Captura datos y los guarda en una memoria USB (hasta 8 GB no incluida)
    • Transfiere datos a una PC usando la memoria USB

    Ejemplos del archivo de texto (texto real será dependiente del archivo transmitido)

    GROSS 58 lb

    GROSS 68 lb

  • Industrial Broadband Wireless Ethernet

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    • Serial and Ethernet connectivity
    • Configures as 802.11 abg access point, wireless bridge, wireless repeater and client
    • Secure WPA2/128 bit encryption
    • Dual band 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands
    • Robust design for extreme temperatures (-40˚ to 75˚C) high vibration/shock and hazardous locations (UL Class 1, Division 2, Atex Zone 2)
  • Option Cards

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    Add more memory, more features, or more function. Find a selection of option cards to choose from that can help increase the functionality of your 920i®.

  • Scale Technician Kit

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    Take Rice Lake’s commitment to customer service into the field. Rice Lake’s scale technician kit has everything you need, in one convenient backpack, to troubleshoot and repair wherever you are.

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